My title

Time flies, said many of my classmates, with whom I disagree.

The four years of testament, a series of daunting struggles followed by fruitful successes, only gradually shaped the way I define myself and thus I live.

Never did I find my undergraduate career monotonous.

Every moment mattered to me, presenting different and fascinating elements of the world.


After this period of exploration and discovery, my purpose of life has become ever clearer.

My aspiration for social impact, passion for political reform, and calling as a business professional altogether compel me to turn the next page in my life, upon which I direct my life.

To scribe both history and future. This is the only cause that deserves my sweat, blood, and even tears.

It will again require another persistent process of imagining, writing, and executing to envision ideals in which I believe.


In reflection, nothing has really changed after all.

The very root of my being still stands as it did years ago.

The only difference is the fact that I can imagine it more clearly, deeply, and firmly.

Now it’s time to act on what I see -- the beginning of another exciting journey.